Darrell Bush

Darrell Bush

Darrell Bush is an Illinois artist who specializes in wilderness art and as an artist is interested in the history and rich traditions of man's involvement with nature. The wilderness has always fascinated Darrell who has found that once engulfed within nature that the baggage of daily life gets left behind and all that is left is serene peacefulness.

Darrell paints a variety of subjects including wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and nostalgia, with the luminescent presence of light a common theme throughout all of his art. He has found that this presence, whether man made or natural, has helped to convey the mood and story that he is depicting.
Darrell Bush earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, and while there entered the prestigious New York Society of Illustrators annual student competition. In 1987 he won two national stamp competitions for the state of Minnesota and Idaho, and by 1989 began his career as a full time painter. Soon he was named among America's twelve most popular artists by four different national art publications. In 1997, Darrell was named "Artist of the Year" at the Wildlife, Western, and Americana Art Show in Minneapolis Minnesota. Two of Darrell's lithographs hang in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and celebrities Burt Reynolds and Jack Hanna also own his work. His art can also be viewed on his website at www.darrellbushart.com.

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