Dan Twitchell

Dan Twitchell
Artist and photographer Dan Twitchell is a longtime Alaska resident who has spent many years photographing and painting the extraordinary landscapes and magnificent wildlife of Alaska. His work’s impressionistic manner reflects both his interpretation of Alaska and his desire to create unexpected emotions and thoughts in the viewer of his art, whether in a grand landscape composition or a lone red fox in the wild. A self-taught artist, he paints with vibrant colors and loose expressive brushwork, with a particular focus on composition, color, values, and light. His photography is also complimented by his artistic eye and impressionistic style, making for unique arrangements of lighting and color. He often applies an artistic touch to his photos; they are as much of his art as his paintings. “I strive with each finished work to breathe life into my subject. My goal is to share the beauty of Alaska with the world through my art and my lenses.”
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