Dave Bartholet

Dave Bartholet

Dave Bartholet, a self-taught artist, showed up on the planet in 1949. Having spent his early childhood in Wyoming his love for wildlife was forged from the get-go.  In 1971 he started his journey as a professional artist selling his original watercolors through galleries.  In the early 80's he ventured into "show business" doing juried art shows through out the west.  He still travels to 30 shows each year.  His loose style of watercolors has proven to be very poplular to an estimated 100,000 households that collect his work of over 400 limited edition prints.  He has illustrated many magazines and book covers as well as being commisioned to do the mural for the National Wildlife Refuge 100 year recognition, a 30x50 foot effort.


Dave believes he was born to paint and credits God for his natural ability. He oftens says he paints not because he can, but because he must. It is a gift!  Today Dave lives in Seaside, Or. where he and his wife Penny own and operate the Gilbert District Gallery.

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